Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A new pope is elected

Congratulations to all catholics of the world. They have elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina as the new pope and he has chosen the name Francesco (Francis) - after Francis of Assisi. Bergoglio is the first pope ever to take this name.

Earlier this evening pope Francis spoke for the first time to all the people that had been waiting in St. Peters Square and he seems like a very open and nice person; really like a bit of "fresh air". Lets hope that this is really the case.

Anyway, once again congratulations - auguri con il nuovo papa!


marits provence said...

Han ser ut til å være et godt og vakkert menneske. Akkurat hva verden trenger:-)

Sarah Ager said...

I was impressed with his open manner too. He made me laugh and I warmed to him instantly. He sounds like a humble guy which I think it a great approach to life and the running of the vatican. It's also nice that he's not a Vatican insider so he'll (hopefully) offer fresh ideas.

Anonymous said...

Carissima LINDA,
adoro il nuovo papa,sono sicura che sarà diverso
dagli altri in molte cose!Baci,

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