On this page you will find a collection of Italian proverbs with the English translation. At the moment the list is rather short, but hopefully it will grow as the weeks passes by....

A pagare e morire c'è sempre tempo = To pay or to die are things you can always postpone.

A tutto c'è rimedio fuorché alla morte = There's a solution to everything, except death.

Chi nasce tondo non muore quadrato = He who is born a circle, doesn't die square (People don't change)

Gli ospiti sono come il pesce; dopo tre giorni puzzano = Guests are like fish; after three days they all stink.

Meglio dolore della borsa che dolore del cuore = It's better to have pain in the wallet than in your heart.

Va in piazza e ppija consijo, aritorna a ccasa e ffa ccome te pare = Go to town to get advice; then you return home and do as you wish