Thursday, 1 September 2011

At last - September is here!!

Finally autumn!!

Earlier this year I promised family and friends that the 1st of September I would dance on the table out of pure happiness because autumn is here. Well, it's not really autumn yet and the next week the really hot weather will return because of some winds coming from Africa.  BUT - September is here and with it comes the promise of cooler, more "people friendly" weather. The really "aggressive" heat that we've had to put up with lately have now turned into just nice, hot weather. This morning I woke up to 22 nice degrees. It made me think of Norway where there's often a "crispy edge" to the (little) warm weather we get.... And I realized that I miss this kind of weather.

But, waking up to this kind of weather means that normal life is returning. And I'm so happy! Because in the summer I don't feel like I'm living - I'm just excisting. My body somehow goes into "hibernating" because of the heat. And I guess it's the same for almost everybody living in a hot climate. You also need to plan carefully what to do and when to do things during the day. Things that you don't need to do right away will surely be postponed to some other day - or even month... I always do whatever I have to do early in the morning or very late in the evening - so very often you will see me cleaning the house at 1 A.M in the morning.

Now I'm just happy that I'm no longer "forced" to have a siesta. I say "forced" because I wish I could do without it, but when the temperature reaches 40 degrees you don't have much choice. I always fall asleep after lunch - wanting it or not.... Which means I don't get to sleep in the evening - and so you find me cleaning the house in the middle of the night....

At the moment I'm dreaming of

roasting chestnuts by the fire
(Adesso non vedo l'ora di poter mangiare le castagne)

going for long walks with my dog that really doesn't like the heat (here it looks like she's blaming me for the hot weather)
(Voglio ritornare a fare lunge passeggiate con il mio cane perchè in estate lei non vuole uscire per niente.)

nice crispy weather so that I can really enjoy a cappuccino in a bar....
(Amo andare in un bar a godermi un bel cappuccino quando fa freddo fuori. Spero che posso farlo al più presto....)
I know I promised to dance on the table (and my daughter wanted me to send her a video of the "session"). However, I think I will be doing some sort of "raindance" outside later tonight - when nobody is watching.....


Finalmente è arrivato Settembre! Ed io sono così felice! Adesso si respira! 

Oggi ho la voglia di "ballare sul tavolo" - e una cosa che si dice in Norvegia quando sei tanto felice. E l'ho detto a mia famiglia e i miei amici un pò di tempo fa.... Il primo Settembre mi vedete ballare sul tavolo perchè il caldo fra un pò se ne va ed io tornerò a vivere. Soffro il caldo e durante il giorno non ho voglia di fare niente. Quindi - in estate pulisco la casa all'una di notte..... Però, oggi ho pulito la casa dopo pranzo! Che bello essere di nuovo in grado di muoversi senza morire dal caldo!
Quel ballo "sul tavolo" non posso fare siccome il mio tavolo è di vetro, ma forse faccio "la danza della pioggia" sotto casa stasera..... ;-)


erleichda said...

bra for deg! jeg vet godt at sommeren i disse kantene kan bli litt for mye! skulle gjerne se den dansen altså ; )

A Foreigner in Italy said...

Tror det er flere som ville være nysgjerrig på den dansen altså.... ;-) Kanskje jeg skulle prøve meg på Sirtaki??

theromanticrose said...

Posso ballare anch'io sul tavolo?Amo l'autunno e sono contenta che tra poco arriva,anche se qui in Italia,bisogna aspettare ottobre.Mi piacciono i colori che si formano in casa,le foglie cadute,sentire l'aria piu' fresca e poter bere una tazza di thè caldo raggomitolata sulla poltrona con un plaide.Baci,Rosetta

A Foreigner in Italy said...

Sì, balliamo insieme, Rosetta! Sono contenta che sei d'accordo con me. :-)

Jorunns hobbyblogg said...

hei! takk for hyggelig blogghilsen!!
- hage med Italiensk touch er jo perfekt for meg som er helfrelst på Italia :-)
vi pleier å ha vår årlige Italiatur, nå i ktober går turen til Chinque terre, og en liten tur til Venezia og Milano .... å som jeg gleder meg!!
- så flotte blogger du har jeg skal kose meg og titte mer innom
- Jorunn

A Foreigner in Italy said...

Hei Jorunn. Kjekt du liker bloggene mine. For å gjøre det litt enklere for deg (hvis du ikke allerede har skjønt det..) så er altså dette den engelske utgaven av Italiabloggen Vin og Brød og den har litt færre innlegg siden jeg ikke har fått oversatt alle de norske innleggene ennå.

Angående hagen din så kan du jo "skryte" av at det er hage med italiensk touch hvis noen syns det ser litt rart ut med alle cd'ene... (eventuelt at det er musikkelskernes fugleskremsel....?)

Kos deg i Italia. Nå er det litt mer levelig her nede med temperaturer på et menneskevennlig nivå....

Anonymous said...

Hi,my name is LILIANA and I am a very close friend to ROSETTA of "THE ROMANTIC ROSE" AND is
because she told me about you that I found your
beautifull blog that makes me "morire dal ridere":
I really don't know how to translate this!I
apologise to you about my english that is not to
great,but I think you will understand me.Maybe I
will write to you in italian next, that will be easier for me,you understant italian don't you?
everything you write about italians is so real
and the way you write is so funny,but i think
you love them as you love your husband.I read
everything you wrote and I really liked all
of it;I will keep reading you!BRAVA!The cartoons
about europeans and italians was just fantastic!
Even my husband liked it.CIAO, a presto

A Foreigner in Italy said...

Ciao, nice to hear that you liked my blog and I'm glad that I manage to write about Italians in a "realistic" way. Also nice to hear that even your husband liked the cartoons. I just love them!

I speak Italian so it's no problem if you write Italian the next time. I think it must be very hard living in Italy if you don't speak the language.

A presto! :-)

A Foreigner in Italy said...

Liliana, dimenticavo: Amo gli italiani (quasi) come amo mio marito ;-)

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