Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Surnames revisited...

Not long ago I wrote about the strange surnames you can find here in Italy. But since I find new ones every single day I'll give you another amusing list. And I'm sure that after reading this you're happy that you are named Smith or Brown or something else that's slightly boring.....

Buonacucina = Good-kitchen

Gatto = Cat

Bevilaqua = Drink-water

Casagrande = Large-house

Vinonuovo = New-wine

Purgatori = Purgatory

Mastronzo = (What a) moron

Coma = Coma

Sterminio = Extermination

Morbillo = Measles

Spazzolini = Brushes

Sanguedolce = Sweet-blood

Incapace = Not-able-to

Rutto = Burp

Cavadenti = Pulling-teeth

Cantacessi = Singing-toilet

Mezzabarba = Half-beard

Amazzalorso = Kill-bears

Tontodimamma = Mum's "dimwit"

Passacantando = Passes-by-singing

Carnevale = Carnival

Pappagallo = Parrot

Della Seta = (Made) of-silk

Bellagamba = Beautiful-foot

By the way, I wonder how the Italians manage to introduce themselves to each other without giggling??


Mamsens hus said...

Hei :)
Herlig blogg du har. :)
Legger meg til som følger, gleder meg til å følge deg videre. :)

A Foreigner in Italy said...

Hei, og takk for det. Vet ikke om du har sett det allerede, men hvis du vil lese bloggen på norsk så kan du gå til Italiabloggen Vin og Brød. Der finner du en god del flere poster...

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