Sunday, 26 June 2011

Old Italian popmusic

Today I just wanted to share some nice Italian songs with you. It's mostly music from the 1960s up till the 1980s, except the song by Eros Ramazzotti which only dates back till 2001. You can click on the links to hear the songs. I have also made links so that you can read about the singers. This is actually a tiny piece of Italian music history and I hope you'll enjoy it.

24000 baci - Adriano Celentano (He was Italy's "Elvis Presley"....)
Parole parole - Mina & Adriano Celentano.
Il tempo se ne va - Adriano Celentano
Soli - Adriano Celentano
L'italiano - Toto Cotugno
In ginocchio da te - Gianni Morandi
Scende la pioggia - Gianni Morandi
Il cielo in una stanza - Gino Paoli
Sapore di sale - Gino Paoli
Bella Ciao - Rita Pavone (this is a partisan song from the 2nd World War)
Più che puoi - Eros Ramazotti & Cher
Sono solo canzonette - Edoardo Bennato
La società dei magnaccioni - Renzo Arbore
Tanto pe' cantà - Renzo Arbore

The last two songs are sung in Roman dialect and they are really funny songs. It's the kind of songs the Italian love to sing when they're partying.... My husband also love singing them when we're out driving, waving his arms around like crazy... So it's strange we haven't crashed yet.....

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