Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A song for an Italian jamboree

In my last post regarding Italian pop music I also included two Roman songs (sung in the Roman dialect). And one of them has now become the favourite of one of my Norwegian readers... He asked me if I could post the lyrics so that people can print it out (and really "let loose" - singing like crazy....?!)
So I've decided to give you the lyrics here, and also the translation into English so that you know what you're singing... And the song is the kind you sing on a jamboree....

LA SOCIETÀ DEI MAGNACCIONI (The Society for "Big-Eaters")

Fatece largo che passamo noi, (Make way because here we come)
sti giovanotti de sta Roma bella, (the youngsters from beautiful Rome)
semo regazzi fatti cor pennello, (we are picture-perfect boys)
e le regazze famo innamorà. (and we make the girls fall in love)
e le regazze famo innamorà. ( and we make the girls fall in love)

Ma che ce frega, ma che ce importa, (But what do we care, does it matter)
se l'oste ar vino c'ha messo l'acqua, (if the innkeeper has poured water in the wine)
e noi je dimo, e noi je famo, (and we tell him, yes, we do)
c'hai messo l'acqua, e nun te pagamo, ma però, (if you've put water in the wine, we won't pay you, however)
noi semo quelli, che ja risponnemo n'coro, (we sing all together)
è mejo er vino de li Castelli (Castelli's wine is better)
che de sta zozza società. (than the wine in this *%&% place)

Ce piacciono li polli, l'abbacchi e le galline,(We love chicken,lamb and chicken )
perchè so senza spine, ('cause they're spineless)
nun so come er baccalà. (and not like the codfish)
La società de li magnaccioni, ((This is the) Big Eaters Society)
la società de la gioventù, ((This is the) Society for the young ones)
a noi ce piace de magna' e beve, (we love to eat and drink)
e nun ce piace de lavora'. (and we don't like to work)

Osteee!! (Waaaaaaiiiiiiter!!!!!)

Portace n'artro litro, (Give us one more bottle )
che noi se lo bevemo, (and if we drink it)
e poi ja risponnemo (afterwards we're saying)
embe', embe', che c'è? (and then, and then, so what?)

E quando er vino, embe', (And when the wine, so what)
ciariva ar gozzo, embe', (goes down the throat, so what)
ar gargarozzo, embe', (on the way down, so what)
ce fa n'ficozzo, embe'. (it makes a sound, so what)

Pe falla corta, per falla breve, (To make it short, to make it sweet)
mio caro oste portace da beve, (my dear waiter, bring us something to drink)
da beve, da beve, zan zan. (to drink, to drink, "tah dah!)

Maybe you should rehearse at bit before your next trip to Italy?? I'm sure you will have great success if you manage to sing this in a wine bar in Italy.... Good luck!!


Vesle Serena said...

HAHA!! Thats so cool, you know the lyrics! That song is funny :)

A Foreigner in Italy said...

It's compulsory to know the lyrics to this song if you live with an Italian from the region of Lazio.... ;-)

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