Sunday, 2 October 2011

Wedding Italian style

Yesterday we attended a wedding here in Italy. And my husband had the honour of being the groom's "testimone" (best man). That is, he was one of three "testimoni". And the bride also had three testimoni (lady of honour). You can see them in the picture below...  

One of the differences between Italy and Norway is that here the bride and groom are buying presents for their testimoni. The present for the men where some really beautiful watches. And come to think of it, I have to admit that I don't know what they bought for the women. However, I'm sure it's either a bracelet or a necklace.

The ladies of honour

The wedding was performed in a tiny little church on a hilltop. It's a really beautiful church (from the outside it didn't even look like a church, but inside it's stunning). Here you can see part of the aisle and there are only 6 rows of benches....... In a church like this it doesn't take long to walk up the aisle....

This old lady had already found her place in the church when we arrived. And she looks so nice in her traditional clothes. I wanted to take a picture of her, but at the same time I wouldn't bother her so I just took one from afar when she wasn't aware of it (I hope...). However, the bride and groom had hired a professinal photographer to take pictures and all the testimonis will get an album, so I'm hoping that the photographer has managed to get the perfect picture of her...

The wedding was going to start at 11am, but since this is Italy it didn't start before noon...

Afterwards there were several documents to sign for the bride and groom and also the testimoni. And then there was all the pictures to be taken etc. But finally we could drive to the restaurant where we were going to eat.
From the garden at the restaurant

Here's the really impressive menu.

When we arrived at the restaurant we were offered something to eat from a buffet that was placed outside in the garden while we waited for the bride and groom and all the other guests.

When they all had arrived we sat down to eat. And there where so much food that I'm sure that another 150 persons could come to eat and there would still be lots of food left..... 

  • Antipasto Capriccio di mare (seafood appetizer)
  • Pepata di cozze (mussels)
  • Antipasto Colonnata (meat and cheese appetizer)

First courses
  • Tagliolino alla vitello (a kind of spaghetti with veal)
  • Trofie alla crema di scampi (pasta with scrimpsauce)
  • Ravioli alla Crostacei (Ravioli with shellfish and a sauce made of caviar)

Main courses
  • Straccetti primavera con patate (veal with fried potatoes)
  • Lemonsorbet
  • Filetto di orata in crosta, salmone e gamberoni (Black sea bass in pastry, salmon and prawns)
  • Frittura di pesce e insalata mista (Fried fish and mixed green salad)

Afterwards we went into the garden to have dessert, cakes, fruit and the Cascata di cioccolato (a chocolate "cascade") which of course was a great success with the children... (In the picture below you can se the Cascata di cioccolato)


And then there was the wedding cake. But after all the food we had been eating earlier I just didn't have room for any more....

When it was time to head home all the guests got a little present which was a flowershaped candle and not to forget the sugared almonds....

And after a long day it was really good to curl up in bed, resting my sore feet and my back that hurt.....

Viva gli sposi!
(long live the bride and groom!)


Bente said...

Flott bryllup, og litt av en meny,


A Foreigner in Italy said...

Etter et sånt bryllup har man ikke behov for å spise på flere dager.... ;-)

theromanticrose said...

Auguri agli sposi!Spero che tu abbia passato una serena giornata!Baci,Rosetta

A Foreigner in Italy said...

Sì, ho passato una serena giornata - con troppo cibo! ;-)

blackenpot said...

Interessant å lese din blogg. Jeg er opprinnelig fra England og har en søster som bor i Napoli.

Jeg legger meg til som følger!

Ha en flott dag, her høljer regnet ned, høsten er her!

New Life in Spain said...

Må være gøy å oppleve bryllup i et annet land!
Og for en meny, ja! Måtte fnise litt av at alle tre forrettene var pasta-retter! Men det høres ganske fantastisk ut det hele. Den sjokokadefontenen for eksempel, skulle jeg gjerne stiftet nærmere bekjentskap med ;)

A Foreigner in Italy said...

Blackenpot: Siden du har en søster i Napoli så kan du nok allerede en del om Italia. Kjekt at du vil følge meg videre. Her har vi fremdeles sommer med 30 graders varme. Det er den varmeste høsten på 150 år påstås det.

Norwegian Señorita: Veldig gøy å være med på bryllup, men det var ikke fullt så gøy for en norsk mage som har problemer med å få plass til så mye mat. Ang. forrettene så er det alltid pasta eller risotto (eventuelt suppe med pasta eller ris...). Så liker man ikke pasta er ikke Italia rette stedet å bo ;-) Sjokoladefontenen fikk jeg dessverre ikke prøvd. Var altfor mett...

Anonymous said...

bel matrimonio, con un bel menu,ma tu ti sei
divertita? BACI,BACI,

A Foreigner in Italy said...

Sì, mi sono divertita. Peccato soltanto che non sono riuscita a mangiare di più ;-)Baci!

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